Eyes as Blue as Yours

A comic about eyeballs, for my eyeball-owning demographic. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I still like it haha.


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I am currently trapped in super cute cat hell. A month and a half ago, we adopted a new cat, and while we love her like crazy, and she loves her big sister like crazy, big sister only wants to punch her in the face and yell at her.

Things have improved from the start, but lately they've been stuck in this stage where Chickpea (little sister) keeps trying to be friends with Bonnie (big sister), but the friendliness just makes Bon smoulder with rage. Sometimes she'll take a few kisses, but always repays the affection with a clawless yet vindictive smack. They're fine when they're sleepy, but if even one of them is active, they require constant, aggravating supervision.

We're trying some new strategies now, we'll see how that goes. One thing that's helped a bit is the product Feliway, a cat calming hormone spray. We spray it on a cat shirt and put it on Bonnie. It is her shirt of temporary happiness.

Look how happy she is

And here's Chicky

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